Future Experience,

Meet Your New {Virtual} Reality

Prototype and test new customer touchpoints.
Learn how real people will actually respond.
Rapidly iterate based on deep behavioral insights.

We help companies envision the future,
So they can make better decisions today.

Interactions between companies and customers can be complicated. Understanding true behavior and the difference between what people will really do (versus what they say) will often be the key factor success or failure. These insights become even more critical when your changes eventually need to scale across physical, organizational and cultural boundaries.

Roomera helps reduce risk through combining a user-centered approach with virtual reality to validate key assumptions and accelerate decision making. By involving customers earlier in the process and creating virtual environments that evoke real human responses, we help companies spot potential issues before they become expensive mistakes.

Why this matters.


of companies consider their test and learn capabilities to be less than effective, even as digital disruption is at their doorstep.


of consumers will pay more money for a superior customer experience.


of executives are confident in decisions made with regard to stimulating innovation. Only 30% think it’s well integrated into the planning process.


of companies plan to compete primarily through customer experience.


of companies that think they currently provide a “very integrated” customer experience.


of most valuable brands that have used VR/AR with customers or employees or are interested in developing the technology.

Revolve your world around customers,

and customers will revolve around you.

 – Heather Williams

In the past, brands could decide what consumers wanted and dialogue was one way. Today, the odds of this approach succeeding are low. The digital revolution has accelerated the need for organizations to not only need be able to listen, but develop empathy and trust while rapidly testing, validating and scaling winning ideas.

Speed to Market

Winning in the marketplace is a speed game. Roomera compresses the innovation lifecycle through immersive & insightful experiences, accelerating your speed to market.

Increase Success Rates

Eliminating misses isn't possible. Reducing them is. Roomera helps companies improve the probability of success by creating simulations that are measured to predict the future.

Return on Investment

Creating new services, experiences and products requires investment. Roomera improves the return by increasing velocity, decreasing risk and improving the win rate.

How we can help.


We offer a full suite of creative services the help organizations see what the future will look like, including:

  • Volumetric environment capture
  • 3D Product scanning
  • Material capture
  • Digital asset optimization
  • Model conversion (from CAD, Sketchup, etc.)
  • Creative concepting
  • New environment design


Our powerful technology platform can take assets from the studio and transform them into ultra-realistic simulations that evoke genuine human responses. Let people explore future concepts as if they were real. Make changes. Collect feedback. Iterate quickly.


Getting started in virtual reality can be a daunting task. With all of the different options on the market and the abundance of technical challenges, we can help you cut to the chase to determine the best approach for your goals.


Let’s Get in Touch.

Our team is passionate about exploring the future through immersive virtual experiences. If you’re looking to fast-track innovation while increasing the odds of success, we’d love to hear from you.